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Fig. 1

From: Alternative splicing of the Wnt trafficking protein, Wntless and its effects on protein-protein interactions

Fig. 1

Phylogeny, gene structure, and subcellular localization of WlsX. a Phylogenetic tree with amino acid sequence comparison of the alternative C-terminal exon for all species of primate and camelid identified in an EST database search. Alignment corresponds to amino acid 504 to the C-terminal end of human WlsX (NP_079187.3). The tree was generated using the Interactive Tree of Life webpage ( and taxonomic information from the National Center for Biotechnology information (NCBI). Black dots represent internal nodes for which branching is collapsed. b Exon intron structure of Human and Bactrian Camel. The alternatively spliced 3′ exon is indicated with an asterisk (*). c Immunofluorescence image of HEK293T cells exogenously expressing FLAG-tagged Wls or WlsX

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