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Fig. 5

From: Alternative splicing of the Wnt trafficking protein, Wntless and its effects on protein-protein interactions

Fig. 5

GST-pulldown analysis of WlsX homodimerization and heterodimerization with A2a Adenosine receptor (A2A), Mu opioid receptor (MOR), and Wls. a GST pulldown of GST-tagged A2A (C-tail) or MOR (intracellular loop 2-IL2) with S-tagged Wls splice variants. b GST pulldown analysis of GST-tagged Wls or WlsX with S-tagged WlsX. Blots for the top two panels in A and the top panel in B are probed with HRP conjugated S-tag antibody. A small sample from each of the GST pulldowns was run on a separate gel for coomassie stain and pulldown verification (bottom panels for a and b)

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