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Table 2 Direct binding affinities, activation effective concentrations, and docking scores for a series of EP4 agonists. Ki refers to equilibrium constant for the concentration of agonists to yield displacement of 50% of radiolabeled ligand. Ki = IC50/(1 ± [IL]/Kd. EC50 refers to concentration where 50% activation of receptor within cAMP response assay is observed. Docking score is provided in terms of kcal/mol and is an empirical scoring of docked ligand affinity used for rank ordering. Emodel score can be used as a measure of confidence within the model. MMGBSA calculation is a force-field based method to score docked ligand affinity which correlated well with empirical scoring function. Values shown in grey were reported within cited references. N/A refers to data not available within literature. ND refers to data that was not determined within this study

From: Improved homology modeling of the human & rat EP4 prostanoid receptors