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Table 4 The top ten significantly enriched pathways of targeted ribosomal proteins in the predicted PPI, based on DAVID and KOBAS analysis

From: In silico evidence of de novo interactions between ribosomal and Epstein - Barr virus proteins

Platform Pathway database Pathway names p-value
DAVID KEGG Ribosome 2.68e-43
Reactome 3′ -UTR-mediated translational regulation 2.07e-41
Reactome Influenza Infection 8.22e-37
Reactome Metabolism of proteins 6.79e-33
Reactome Gene Expression 3.96e-27
Reactome APC-Cdc20 mediated degradation of Nek2A 0.002563
Reactome Regulation of activated PAK-2p34 by proteasome mediated degradation 0.014244
Reactome Signaling by EGFR 0.014717
Reactome APC/C: Cdh1-mediated degradation of Skp2 0.026468
Reactome Signaling by Wnt 0.026468
KOBAS Reactome Viral mRNA Translation 4.96e-55
Reactome Peptide chain elongation 4.96e-55
Reactome Selenocysteine synthesis 5.58e-55
Reactome Eukaryotic Translation Elongation 6.99e-55
Reactome Eukaryotic Translation Termination 7.83e-55
Reactome Nonsense Mediated Decay (NMD) independent of the Exon Junction Complex (EJC) 1.26e-54
Reactome Formation of a pool of free 40S subunits 2.05e-54
Reactome L13a-mediated translational silencing of Ceruloplasmin expression 1.50e-53
Reactome GTP hydrolysis and joining of the 60S ribosomal subunit 1.61e-53
Reactome Nonsense-Mediated Decay (NMD) 3.61e-53