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Fig. 1

From: The Flot2 component of the lipid raft changes localization during neural differentiation of P19C6 cells

Fig. 1

Protein expression levels differ between undifferentiated cells (Day 0) and neural differentiated cells (Day 8). a Schematic overview of the method used to induce neural differentiation of P19C6 cells. b Western blotting analyses of whole-cell lysates at Days 0 and 4–8 after neural induction. Cropped images are shown. The blots were probed with an anti-Flot2 antibody (arrow), anti-Fyn antibody, anti-c-Src antibody, anti-Fyn (pY528) and/or c-Src (pY530) antibody, anti-Na/K ATPase α1 subunit antibody (NKA), anti-Oct-3/4 antibody as a stem cell marker, anti-MAP2 antibody as a neural cell marker, and anti-tubulin antibody as a loading control. c-g Densitometric band intensities of Flot2 (c), Fyn (d), c-Src (e), Fyn (pY528) and/or c-Src (pY530) (f), and NKA (g) on Days 0 and 4–8. The band intensities were normalized to that of tubulin. Data represent the mean ± SEM (n = 4); *p < 0.05 by an unpaired Student’s t-test. Abbreviations: AraC: Cytosine β-D-arabinoside; MAP2: Microtubule-associated protein 2; Flot2: Flotillin2; NKA: Na/K ATPase

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