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Fig. 1

From: Construction of strains to identify novel factors for regulation of centromeric cohesion protection (CCP) and sister kinetochore mono-orientation (SKM)

Fig. 1

Construction of engineered strains. a Diagrammatic representation of pESC-URA vector. b Construct cloned in pESC-URA along with the gal promoter and corresponding terminator. The black arrow represents the site which was amplified by PCR for the cloning in the pRS406 integration vector. c Restriction digestion of pRS406 constructs using HindIII and NotI. L stands for ladder, lane 1 represent the digestion of pRS406-GAL-MAM1 construct similarly 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 represent the pRS406-GAL-CDC5, pRS406-GAL-CDC5-MAM1, pRS406-GAL-SPO13, pRS406-GAL-REC8, pRS406-GAL-SPO13-REC8 respectively. d CRY1 strain was transformed with pESC-GAL-CDC5-MAM1-URA (GAL-Cdc5-Mam1), pESC-GAL-SPO13-REC8-URA (GAL-Rec8-Spo13) and pESC-URA (c) construct and single colony was picked and checked for the expression of these proteins at different time point after galactose induction as described in methodology

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