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Fig. 2

From: Construction of strains to identify novel factors for regulation of centromeric cohesion protection (CCP) and sister kinetochore mono-orientation (SKM)

Fig. 2

Mitotic chromosomal segregation is compromised in engineered strains. a Wild type (SGY229) as well as transformed strains were grown till 0.8 OD600 and then induced with 2% galactose for 4 h. Samples were collected and fixed with formaldehyde and live cell imaging was done to see the CEN-V GFP segregation. b For each strain, control (SGY229 integrated with pRS405-URA), Mam1 (SGY229 integrated with pRS405-MAM1), Cdc5 (SGY229 integrated with pRS405-CDC5), Cdc5Mam1 (SGY229 integrated with pRS405-CDC5-MAM1) and Spo13 (SGY229 integrated with pRS405-SPO13) the cell for wild type segregation and co-segregation was counted and plotted. For statistical calculation this experiment was done in triplicate and more than 100 cells were counted in each case to see the segregation verses miss-segregation

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