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Fig. 5

From: Construction of strains to identify novel factors for regulation of centromeric cohesion protection (CCP) and sister kinetochore mono-orientation (SKM)

Fig. 5

Library screening against SGY4119 strain. a Diagrammatic representation of the hypothesis used for the screening. Left side plates are dextrose plates while that of the right side is galactose plate. Red arrow headed downside represents no expression of that gene, while the blue arrow headed upside represents the overexpression of the proteins. b SGY4111 (CRY1 transformed with pRS405) and SGY4119 was transformed with the pRS316-Gal empty vector and plated on galactose and dextrose and incubated at three different temperature 37 °C, 30 °C and 25 °C and picture was taken at different time point. c SGY4111 was transformed with pRS316-gal and SGY4119 was transformed with pRS316-gal and pRS316-gal-cDNA library separately. In all the three cases equal number of cells were spread on galactose and dextrose plates. Plates were incubated on 30 °C and colony appeared on the plates were counted ratio of viable and non-viable were counted. SGY4119 strain transformed with the pRS316-gal-cDNA library and ~ 105 cells were spread on galactose but only ~ 3000 cells appeared

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