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Fig. 2

From: Fibrin γ/γ' influences the secretion of fibrinolytic components and clot structure

Fig. 2

uPA and PAI 1 concentration under different stimulation conditions. The basal and thrombin condition consisted of HMEC-1 culture incubated with medium + 10% FBS and 1 nM thrombin and 2 mM CaCl2, respectively. The 3 and 30% fibrin γ/γ’ conditions consisted of HMEC-1 culture incubated with clots formed with purified fibrinogen (3% γ/γ’) and 30% fibrinogen γ/γ’ (by mixing commercial fibrinogen γ/γ and γ/γ’). A) uPA (ng/mL) and B) PAI (ng/mL) quantified by ELISA in the supernatant () and cell lysate (). The uPA concentration in the supernatant of basal condition was similar to that of cell lysate, while those of thrombin, 3 and 30% fibrin γ/γ’ were significantly higher in the cell lysate (p < 0.05). Instead, the PAI concentration was higher in the supernatant in all stimulatory and basal conditions (p < 0.05)

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