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Fig. 2

From: DUF3669, a “domain of unknown function” within ZNF746 and ZNF777, oligomerizes and contributes to transcriptional repression

Fig. 2

Representations of the primary protein structures encoded by the various constructs employed in this study. Shown are the full-length proteins and the truncated versions along with the names of the constructs/protein pieces used throughout the manuscript (drawn to scale). These regions were expressed as fusion proteins with Gal4 or GST, respectively, depending on experimental goals. Each box with rounded corners denotes the protein region encoded by a separate exon. The numbers above the cartoon of the longest form correspond to the amino-acids positions in the respective full-length protein. Middle exons without known conserved domain are designated by their number. The known protein domains are labeled, i.e. DUF3669 (DUF, yellow), KRAB-A (“A”, red), KRAB-B (“B”, blue), C2H2 zinc finger motif (ZF, grey). a Canonical ZNF746 isoform designated Z746a (represented by UniProtKB Q6NUN9) containing a truncated KRAB-A domain indicated by a gap in the depiction for highlighting this fact. b ZNF746 isoform designated Z746b (represented by UniProtKB A0A2R8YDQ5) with full-length KRAB-A domain. (c) ZNF777 protein (UniProtKB Q9ULD5–2)

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