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Fig. 3

From: DUF3669, a “domain of unknown function” within ZNF746 and ZNF777, oligomerizes and contributes to transcriptional repression

Fig. 3

Contribution of different protein domains to the transcriptional repressor activities of ZNF746 and ZNF777. Heterologous reporter assay data from human HeLa cells using effector plasmids that encode fusions of the indicated protein segments with the Gal4 DNA-binding domain. The fusion of the ZNF10 KRAB domain (Z10AB) was used as a positive control and reference for potent repressor activity. This reference is included in each subfigure plot. a Illustration of assay; Firefly luciferase reporter gene cassette with Gal4 DNA binding sites (Gal4-DBS) upstream of a strong viral SV40 promoter and 3′ enhancer elements (“E”); Renilla luciferase cassette with strong viral HSV TK promoter, which does not have GAL4-DBS for normalization purposes. b Repressor potency of isoform ZNF746a and its selected truncations. c Repression factors of isoform ZNF746b and its selected segments. d Repressor activity of ZNF777 and its selected truncations. Bar plots represent normalized mean repression factor values ± STDEV of at least six biological replicates from three independent experiments relative to experiment-specific values for the Gal4-DBD alone. Asterisks indicate results of a two-tailed unpaired t-test (* p < 0.05, ** p < 0.01, *** p < 0.001)

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