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Fig. 1

From: Evaluation of PAX8 expression promotes the proliferation of stomach Cancer cells

Fig. 1

Expression pattern of PAX8 and SOX13 in stomach cancer. (a) Expression lever of PAX8 in stomach cancer contract to normal tissues based on TCGA dataset. (b) PAX8 mRNA expression lever in four different grades of cancer samples based on TCGA dataset. (c) SOX13 co-expressed with PAX8 in stomach cancer based on TCGA dataset. (d, e) PAX8(d) and SOX13(e) mRNA expression pattern in 36 pairs of human stomach cancer tissues (Cancer) and adjacent tissues (Normal). (f) SOX13 co-expressed with PAX8 in 36 human stomach cancer tissues. (g, h) Relative mRNA and protein expression level of PAX8 and SOX13 in four stomach cancer cell lines compared to GES1 cells. GAPDH served as endogenous control

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