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Table 1 Tools, Databases and Software used in this study

From: Polyvalent therapeutic vaccine for type 2 diabetes mellitus: Immunoinformatics approach to study co-stimulation of cytokines and GLUT1 receptors

Database/Tools Web Link Purpose References
NCBI Accession of Data
T2D@ZJU Diabetes associated genes retrieval [18]
DAPD Retrieval of proteins [19]
ToxinPred & PredSTP Prediction of toxic peptides [20, 21]
UniProt Screening of Diabetic proteins [22]
Compare Two Lists Comparison [23].
SPpred Solubility/hydrophilicity determination
PROTPARAM Amino Acid composition [24]
CELLO Subcellular Localization Prediction [25]
PROPRED I Prediction of T-Cell epitopes [24]
HADDOCK 2.2 Docking of epitopes [26]
IEDB (NetChop) Proteasomal cleavage prediction [27].
IEDB Epitope Conservancy Analysis [28]
PEPFOLD 3D Modelling of Epitopes [29]
DAVID Tool Functional Annotation [30]
HAPPI Interactomic analysis [31]
STRING Interactomic analysis [32].
Cytoscape Protein-protein interaction [33]
MOE Epitopes binding energy
ITASSER 3D Model generation [34,35,36]
Chimera Visualization of proteins [37]
FUNRICH Gene enrichment analysis [38]
ERRAT Error in model estimation [39]
QMean Quality of model [40, 41]
Rampage Analysis Protein Quality [42]
3D Refine Refinement of polyvalent model [43,44,45]
Antigen Pro Antigenicity [46]
Vaxijen Antigenicity [47,48,49]
AlgPred Allergenicity
Sol Pro Solubility of proteins [46]
Expasy Molecular Weight prediction [24]