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Table 1 List of up- and down-regulated gene sets

From: Functional analyses of miRNA-146b-5p during myogenic proliferation and differentiation in chicken myoblasts

Up-regulated Gene Sets NameDescriptionCount.p-value
E2F targetsGenes encoding cell cycle related targets of E2F transcription factors.246.09E-23
G2/M checkpointGenes involved in the G2/M checkpoint, as in progression through the cell division cycle.246.09E-23
Mitotic spindleGenes important for mitotic spindle assembly.131.23E-09
MYC targets V1A subgroup of genes regulated by MYC – version1 (V1).131.23E-09
Down-regulated Gene Sets NameDescriptionCount.p-value
Xenobiotic metabolismGenes encoding proteins involved in processing of drugs and other xenobiotics.58.56E-04
Fatty acid metabolismGenes encoding proteins involved in metabolism of fatty acids.42.72E-03