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Table 3 Reagents and materials

From: A fast, efficient and high-throughput procedure involving laser microdissection and RT droplet digital PCR for tissue-specific expression profiling of rice roots

Reagent Chemical formula Source Identifier
Absolute ethanol C2H5OH Honeywell, USA 603–002–00-5
Acetic acid C2H4O2 VWR, USA 0714–2.5 L
Butanol CH3-CH2-CH2-CH2OH Sigma-Aldrich, USA B7906-500 ml
Leica-Paraplast XTRA   Leica, Germany 39,603,002
Xylene C6H4(CH3)2 Sigma-Aldrich, USA 214,736
Nuclease-free water H2O Ambion, USA M9932
Eosin C20H8Br4O5 RAL Diagnostics, France 312,710
RNAsecure reagent   Thermo Fisher Scientific, USA AM7005
RNaseZAP   Sigma-Aldrich, USA R2020-250 ml
Biopsy foam pads   Simport, Canada M476–1
Biopsy cassette   Square Mesh Cassette, Orange 70,072-O
Histology cassette   Thermo Scientific, USA 12,677,796
PEN membrane glass slide   Leica, Germany 11,505,190
0.6-mL microcentrifuge tubes   Molecular Bioproducts, USA 3454
ddPCR 96-well PCR plates   Bio-Rad, USA 12,001,925
Pierceable foil heat Seal   Bio-Rad, USA 1,814,040
DG8 cartridges   Bio-Rad, USA 1,804,008
DG8 gasket for ddPCR   Bio-Rad, USA 1,863,009
Droplet generation oil for probes   Bio-Rad, USA 1,863,005
ddPCR droplet reader oil   Bio-Rad, USA 1,863,004
ddRT-PCR kit from Bio-Rad   Bio-Rad, USA 186–4021