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Table 2 Annotation clusters (ACs) of DEG-associated GO terms

From: Trophoblast cell differentiation in the bovine placenta: differentially expressed genes between uninucleate trophoblast cells and trophoblast giant cells are involved in the composition and remodeling of the extracellular matrix and O-glycan biosynthesis

ACEnrichment ScoreTopic of clustered GO terms
19.47extracellular exosome; extracellular vesicle
27.77membrane microdomain; membrane raft
37.02lipid metabolic process
46.65(regulation of) cell migration, cell motility
56.38regulation of small GTPase mediated signal transduction
65.48ion binding
75.37positive regulation of cellular protein metabolic process
94.81(regulation of) signal transduction; cell communication
104.36cell-matrix adhesion
114.10carbohydrate metabolic process
124.01cellular response to chemical stimulus
133.76extracellular matrix
143.69phospholipase activity
153.64GTPase regulator activity
  1. The GO terms and associated DEGs are shown in the Additional file 1: Table S1-E