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Table 1 List of localization constructs used in this study

From: Distinctive interactions of the Arabidopsis homolog of the 30 kD subunit of the cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor (AtCPSF30) with other polyadenylation factor subunits

Protein of interest reporter vector backbone Source or citation
AtCPSF30 DSRed2 pGD [19] This study
AtCPSF30-m4 DSRed2 pGD [19] This study
AtCPSF30-m9 DSRed2 pGD [19] This study
AtCPSF30 GFP pGD [19] This study
AtCPSF160 GFP pMBC43 [46] Q. Q. Li unpublished
AtCPSF100 GFP pMBC43 [46] Q. Q. Li unpublished
AtCPSF73(I) GFP pKYLX80 [22] [30]
AtCPSF73(II) GFP pKYLX80 [22] [30]
AtZFP11 GFP pKYLX80 [22] [22]
AtZFP11 DSRed2 pKYLX80 [22] [22]
NDA2 GFP pKYLX80 [22] [20]
ER* GFP pSITE [47] [47]
AtDcp2 DSRed2 pGD [19] This study
DSRed2 DSRed2 pGD [19] [19]