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Table 3 UV-induced genes not present in the CESR at UV30

From: Global transcriptional response after exposure of fission yeast cells to ultraviolet light

UV-induced genes not present in the CESR:
Gene name Annotation
Repair and DNA metabolism
rhp4b Nucleotide excision repair factor involved in the repair of UV damaged DNA
mus81 Holliday junction resolvase subunit that associates with Eme1p
SPCC132.04c Similarity to S. cerevisiae Gdh2p, a glutamate dehydrogenase
SPAC328.09 Similarity to 2-oxodicarboxylate transporter (S. cerevisiae Odc2p
SPCC794.04c Sugar (and other) transporter family and the major facilitator superfamily
str1 Probable ferrichrome-iron transporter
SPCPB1C11.01 Similarity to S. cerevisiae Mep2p, ammonium transporter family of membrane transporters
SPAC1002.16c Sugar (and other) transporter family, and the major facilitator superfamily
SPBC36.02c Similarity to C. albicans Flu1p, a membrane transporter, major facilitator superfamily
SPBC530.15c Similarity to S. cerevisiae Tpo3p, a polyamine transport protein
SPBC409.08 Similarity to S. cerevisiae Tpo2p, a polyamine transport protein
SPAC8C9.12c Similarity to mitochondrial RNA splicing protein 3 (S. cerevisiae Mrs3p), mitochondrial carrier protein family
ptr2-a;ptr2 Similarity to S. cerevisiae Ptr2p, a peptide permease nitrogen-repressible transporter
SPCC569.05c Major facilitator superfamily, similarity to C. albicans Flu1p
SPBC16A3.17c Major facilitator superfamily, similarity to S. pombe Fnx1p, transporter required for long-term survival in N starved cells
SPCC2H8.02 Major facilitator superfamily and the sugar (and other) transporter family
SPCC2H8.00 Major facilitator superfamily and the sugar (and other) transporter family, similarity to S. cerevisiae Pho84p
SPCC1183.11 Mechanosensitive ion channel family
Signaling and stress response
SPAC9B6.03 Protein containing a FYVE zinc finger domain, which bind phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate
gaf2 Iron-sensing transcription factor that binds GATA elements to regulate iron transporter gene transcription
rst2 Transcriptional activator that positively regulates the transcription of ste11 and fbp2
SPBC19C2.13c Similarity to S. cerevisiae Ncs2p, involved in pseudohyphal growth and cellular response to starvation
pyp1 Protein-tyrosine phosphatase that acts on Sty1p and negatively regulates mitosis
(isa1) Protein that binds ferredoxin (Etp1p) and contains iron-sulfur clusters
(cta3) Probable Ca2+-ATPase, transcription is induced under high salt conditions
Ribosome biogenesis and translation
rrn2 Protein involved in initiation of transcription of rDNA promoter
SPCP1E11.06 Similarity to S. cerevisiae Nsa2p, a nuclear protein involved in ribosome biogenesis, part of the small ribosomal subunit
DNA/RNA binding
SPBP8B7.15c Zinc knuckle domain, which can bind RNA or DNA in eukaryotes, similarity to S. cerevisiae Mpe1p
cbh2 DNA binding protein, may be involved in chromosome segregation
SPAC323.07c Member of the MatE family, which are integral membrane proteins
ppr1 Resistance to the L-proline analog AZC, catalyzes acetylation of AZC, homolog of S. cerevisiae Mpr1p
SPAC3H8.09c Containing an RNA recognition motif, similarity to S. cerevisiae Nab3p
SPBC1773.17c Containing D-isomer specific 2-hydroxyacid dehydrogenase NAD binding and catalytic domains
SPAPB18E9.04c Similarity to S. cerevisiae Pry3p, may have a role in mating efficiency
Protein of unknown function
SPAPB18E9.03c SPNCRNA.101 SPAC18G6.09c SPAPB1A10.06 SPBC19C7.04c SPAC17A5.8
SPCC2H8.01 SPAC8C9.10c
  1. Gene annotations are from GeneDB