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Figure 1

From: Intracellular diffusion restrictions in isolated cardiomyocytes from rainbow trout

Figure 1

Comparison of trout and rat cardiomyocytes. (A) Transmission image of trout and rat cardiomyocytes next to each other in the same solution. Trout cardiomyocytes can be very long, and only half of the trout cardiomyocyte was within the camera field of view. (B, C) Deconvolved confocal images of rat cardiomyocyte (B) and trout cardiomyocyte (C) labeled with di-8-ANEPPS (green; labeling sarcolemma) and mitotracker Red CMXRos (red; labeling mitochondria). The upper image shows one image from a confocal z-stack, and lower image shows re-constructed cross section. Note different size of the scale bars.

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