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Figure 10

From: Tunicate cytostatic factor TC14-3 induces a polycomb group gene and histone modification through Ca2+ binding and protein dimerization

Figure 10

Recovery of cell growth by RNAi of PmEed from TC14-3-induced growth arrest. (A)In control 1 (positive control), after blunt electroporation cells were allowed to grow for 3 days in the absence of TC14-3. Cell spread normally. Bar, 100 μm. (B)In control 2 (negative control), cells were treated with TC14-3 after blunt electroporation. Cells formed many aggregates. (C)In dsEed (RNAi experiment), cells were treated with TC14-3 after electroporation of double-stranded RNA of PmEed. Cells spread again. (D)Quantification of cell number. In respective Cont. 1, Cont. 2, and dsEed, cell number was calculated from the standard curve of MTT assay. Each histogram shows a mean ± standard deviation.

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