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Figure 3

From: Tunicate cytostatic factor TC14-3 induces a polycomb group gene and histone modification through Ca2+ binding and protein dimerization

Figure 3

Quantitative data of cell growth inhibition of wild-type and mutant TC14s. Each histogram shows a mean ± standard deviation. (A)Effects of wild-type TC14-3, TC14-3F65D, and TC14-3E106G on cell growth. (B)Effects of wild-type TC14-2, TC14-2R69T, and TC14-3T69R on cell growth. (C)Effects of TC14-3K113S, TC14-3N114E, and TC14-3K113S.N114E on cell growth. (D)Relative cell growth inhibition activities of aberrant TC14s as compared with 100% activity of wild-type TC14-3.

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