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Figure 8

From: Tunicate cytostatic factor TC14-3 induces a polycomb group gene and histone modification through Ca2+ binding and protein dimerization

Figure 8

In vivo PmCOX1 induction in adult zooids by TC14-3. (A-F)In situ hybridization. (A-C)Control treated with PBS. (D-F)Experiment treated with wild-type TC14-3. (A)Body wall. Bar, 100 μm. (B)Pharynx. Bar, 50 μm. (C)Visceral organs. Bar, 100 μm. (D)Body wall and pharynx. Bar, 50 μm. (E)Pharynx. Bar, 25 μm. (F)Endostyle. Bar, 100 μm. c, coelomic cell; e, epidermis; en, endostyle; i, intestine; oe, oesophagus; p, pharynx. (G)Semi-quantitative PCR of PmCOX1. (Upper)Gel electrophoresis. β-actin was used as internal standards (see Figure 6). (Lower)Kinetics of increasing curve of PCR products.

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