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Table 2 Relative amounts of monomeric and dimeric forms in wild-type TC14s and their mutant proteins.*

From: Tunicate cytostatic factor TC14-3 induces a polycomb group gene and histone modification through Ca2+ binding and protein dimerization

  Monomer (%) Dimer (%)
TC14-3, wild < 1.0 > 99.0
TC14-2, wild 38.9 61.1
TC14-3F65D 100 0
TC14-3T69R 33.3 64.2
TC14-2R69T** 15.7 69.3
  1. *, SDS-PAGE was done under non-heated condition. After staining, each band was scanned with a gel scanner.
  2. **, TC14-2R69T had a few intermediate bands, so that the sum of monomer and dimer did not attain to 100%.