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Table 2 MPs levels in the plasma of healthy controls

From: Circulating microparticles: square the circle

Disease MPs plasma levels Reference
Cord blood Elevated MPs levels or activity comparing with mother’s plasma Uszynski et al., 2011; Schweintzger et al., 2010; 2011
Healthy smokers Elevated EMPs levels; Gordon et al., 2011; Grant et al., 2011
Diminished MP levels
Healthy donors MP levels Berckmans et al., 2001; Bretelle et al., 2003
Normal pregnancy Elevated MPs levels Bretelle et al., 2003
Strenuous physical exercise Elevated PMPs and PMN-MPs Chaar et al., 2011
Gender Elevated CD61+ MPs in men; no difference Caby et al., 2005; Toth et al., 2007; Grant et al., 2011
Climacteric Lowered PMPs levels, no impact on EMPs levels Rank et al., 2012
Age (<18 years) Elevated MPs levels Proulle et al., 2005
Age (geriartric patients) Decrease EMPs, altered MPs response to infection Forest et al., 2010
High-fat meal Elevated cycling blunts of CD18+ and CD11a+ MMPs and EMPs levels Strohacker et al., 2012
Obesity Elevated MPs levels; elevated CD144+EMPs Goichot et al., 2006; Esposito et al., 2006; Gunduz et al., 2012
Endotoxemia (E.coli LPS) in healthy volunteers Elevated TF+ MPs Aras et al., 2004; Woei-A-Jin et al., 2012*
  1. *References for Table 2 (Additional file 5).