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Figure 4

From: Transforming growth factor-β1 blocks the enhancement of tumor necrosis factor cytotoxicity by hyaluronidase Hyal-2 in L929 fibroblasts

Figure 4

TNF mediates a prolonged period of IκBα degradation and NF-κB activation in L929 cells stably expressing GFP-Hyal-2. The GFP-Hyal-1 and GFP-Hyal-2 stable transfectants, as well as control L929 cells, were exposed to TNF (50 ng/ml) for 0, 20, 40, 60 and 120 min, followed by analysis of protein expression by Western blotting. TNF mediated a prolonged cytosolic IκBα degradation, as well as a nuclear presence of NF-κB p65 (or NF-κB activation), over a 20 to 60 min time period in Hyal-2 cells. A similar effect was seen only at 20 min in Hyal-1 and control cells.

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