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Table 2 Endogenous Socs44A regulates JAK pathway activity.

From: Two Drosophila suppressors of cytokine signaling (SOCS) differentially regulate JAK and EGFR pathway activities

  +/+ CA53/+ (n = 237) NCX10/+ (n = 292) Drl/+ (n = 242)
hopM38/hopmsv 98% (of 89) 46% (of 13) 58% (of 12) 87% (of 15)
  1. hopmsv/hopM38heteroallelic females have a wing spur phenotype (Fig. 4B) that is 98% penetrant (n = 89). The penetrance of the spur phenotype is dramatically reduced by removal of one copy of Socs44A, as seen for heterozygotes of Df(2)CA53 (CA53)and Df(2)NCX10 (NCX10). Rescue of the phenotype was not seen with Df(2)Drlrv18(Drl), an overlapping deficiency that does not include Socs44A. Total number of animals is indicated by n, and number of animals of the indicated genotype is in parentheses.