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Table 1 Effect of PBP10 on neutrophil NADPH-oxidase activity induced by receptor agonists#.

From: The two neutrophil members of the formylpeptide receptor family activate the NADPH-oxidase through signals that differ in sensitivity to a gelsolin derived phosphoinositide-binding peptide

Neutrophil NADPH-oxidase activator (Concentration) Neutrophil receptor(s) Inhibition of NADPH-oxidase by PBP10 (1 μM)
WKYMVM (100 nM) FPRL1 +
SAA (5 μM) FPRL1 +
fMLF (100 nM) FPR -
Annexin9–25 (50 μM) FPR -
C5a (100 ng/ml) C5aR -
IL-8 (100 ng/ml) CXCR1, CXCR2 -
  1. Abbreviations: C5a, complement 5a; FPR, formyl peptide receptor; IL-8, interleukin 8; SAA, serum amyloid A.