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Figure 1

From: The use of time-resolved fluorescence imaging in the study of protein kinase C localisation in cells

Figure 1

Fluorescence intensity images of GFP-PKC and DsRed-cav expressed in CHO cells. GFP-PKC and/or DsRed-cav were transiently expressed in CHO cells on glass coverslips by culturing for 48 hr. The cells were then treated with Ca2+-ionophore (1 nM) or TPA (100 nM) for 3 min before the cells were fixed on microscope slides as described under Methods. Images were acquired using a Olympus IX-70 inverted epifluorescence microscope with a 60× objective and GFP/DsRed filter sets and a Olympus C3030 camera. (a) a representative image before and (b) after Ca2+-induced translocation by ionophore of GFP-PKC to the peripheral membrane and to discrete regions in the perinuclear region. (c) image of DsRed-cav and (d) GFP-PKC, after treatment with 100 nM TPA.

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