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Table 2 Summary of the current literature on the role of pannexin channels in different cancer types

From: Connexin and pannexin channels in cancer

Pannexin Cancer type Description Reference
Panx1 Breast Gain of function mutation in PANX1 increases metastasis [162]
Panx1 Melanoma Upregulated expression. Knockdown induces re-differentiation [33], [154]
Panx1 Glioma Tumour suppressor when overexpressed in Panx1-deficient rat C6 glioma cells, but endogenously expressed in human glioma cell lines.
Accelerates glioma tumor aggregate formation
[153], [181]
Panx1 Glioma Panx1 siRNA reduces proliferation of U87-MG human glioma cells [155]
Panx1 Hepatocellular carcinoma Upregulation linked to cancer spread in aggressive Hca-F cell lines [157]
Panx1 Multiple myeloma Gene amplification and upregulation in myeloma cell lines [158]
Panx1 Colon Interaction with Liver X receptor β for pyroptotic cell death [178]
Panx1 Leukemia
Upregulated in leukemic cells compare to T-cells.
Activated by chemotherapy drugs and immunogenic therapy to release ATP
[156], [186]
Panx1 Prostate Bystander cell killing effect of TMPK/AZT [185]
Panx1 Gall bladder adenocarcinoma Downregulated expression in tumours [3]
Panx2 Glioma Tumour suppressor overexpressed in C6 glioma cells. Downregulated in human tumours and positive correlation with patient survival [179], [183]
Panx2 Hepatocellular carcinoma Potential tumour suppressor. Methylated in cancer samples [184]
Panx2 Neuroblastoma Knockdown in Neuro2a cells increases differentiation [21]
Panx1, Panx3 Basal and squamous skin cell carcinoma Downregulated in BCC and SCC tumours compared to normal skin [152]