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Fig. 4

From: Post-treatment de-phosphorylation of p53 correlates with dasatinib responsiveness in malignant melanoma

Fig. 4

Treatment induced changes in phosphoprotein profiles in melanoma cell lines following dasatinib treatment. a The bar graphs represent the mean log fold changes of 13 phospho-proteins in 11 cell lines stimulated with 1 μM dasatinib, compared to unstimulated controls (DMSO), representative of n = 3 independent repeat experiments. b Statistical analysis comparing phosphoprotein changes between responders (SK-MEL-2, WM115 and WM3211) and non-responders using unpaired Mann Whitney U-test. c Post-treatment changes in phosphorylated p53 between responsive and non-responsive cell lines are shown as LogFC of p53(S46). d Western blots for total p53, phospho-p53 (S15), total p38 and phospho-p38 levels pre- and post-treatment with 1 μM dasatinib after 24 h. β-Actin and α-Tubulin served as loading controls. Quantifications of phospho-p53 and phospho-p38 are included below the respective blots

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