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Fig. 4

From: The binding affinity of PTPN13’s tandem PDZ2/3 domain is allosterically modulated

Fig. 4

After the titration of the PDZ2 and PDZ2/3 tandem domains with the APC peptide, repectively, NMR amide backbone resonances of PDZ2 differ in their frequencies (a, b). Resonances of residues located at the back of PDZ2 domain at β-strand EA (Leu-19) and β-strand EF (His-94, Leu-95, Leu-97) are not congruent anymore. Other resonances of the PDZ2 domain, like T31, remain unaltered. NMR resonances amide backbone resonances of PDZ3 are also altered, albeit to a slightly lesser extent (c, d)

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