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Fig. 6

From: The binding affinity of PTPN13’s tandem PDZ2/3 domain is allosterically modulated

Fig. 6

a For PDZ2 [27], T14, F15, E16, E18, N70, H94, and L95 were selected as AIRs in HADDOCK and are coloured in blue [28]. For a homology model of PDZ3, E17, V18, K19, L20, S98, and L100 were set as AIRs, also shown in blue. b HADDOCK-based [28] structural model of the PDZ2/3 tandem domain of PTPN13 in the APC-bound state. β-strands are highlighted in yellow, α-helices in red, and regions void of regular secondary structural elements in green. β-strands 1 (βA) and 6 (βF) of the PDZ2/3 tandem domain interface are indicated

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