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Fig. 10

From: Protective effect of silencing Stat1 on high glucose-induced podocytes injury via Forkhead transcription factor O1-regulated the oxidative stress response

Fig. 10

The effect of simultaneous silencing Stat1 and FoxO1 on apoptosis and ROS level. The experiments were divided into six groups, which were control, HG (30 μM), siStat1 + HG (Stat1 siRNA + 30 μM HG), siStat1 + siFoxO1 + HG (Stat1 siRNA + FoxO1 siRNA + 30 μM HG), siFoxO1 + HG (FoxO1 siRNA + 30 μM HG) and siFoxO1 (FoxO1 siRNA). a Apoptosis levels were detected by flow cytometry. b Relative apoptosis rate showed as bar diagrams. c ROS level showed as bar diagrams. d ROS levels were detected by flow cytometry. Data were expressed as mean ± SD from three independent experiments. (*Compared with control, # Compared with siStat1 + HG, */#P < 0.05, **/##P < 0.01)

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