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Fig. 3

From: The Flot2 component of the lipid raft changes localization during neural differentiation of P19C6 cells

Fig. 3

Localization of Flot2 and Fyn before and after neural differentiation. a, b Undifferentiated (a) and neural differentiated (b) P19C6 cells were fixed and stained with an anti-Flot2 antibody (green, b), Alexa488-conjugated Cholera toxin subunit B (blue, a), and an anti-Fyn antibody (red, c). Merged images of Flot2 and Fyn (d), CTB and Fyn (e), and Flot2, Fyn, and Cholera toxin subunit B (f) are shown. Scale bar shows 20 μm. c Higher magnification images of the white boxes in B-d and B-f. The arrowheads indicate colocalized signals Flot2 and Fyn (C-a) and Flot2, Fyn and CTB (C-b). Scale bar shows 5 μm. Abbreviations: Flot2: Flotillin2; CTB: Cholera toxin subunit B

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