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Table 3 Paclitaxel and EMSO Combination Index (CI) against A2780 and A2780/T Cells

From: Proton pump inhibitors can reverse the YAP mediated paclitaxel resistance in epithelial ovarian cancer

Combination typeInhibitory rateCIInteraction type
A2780+ PTX(0.05)4.7  
A2780+ EMSO(50)1.6  
A2780+ PTX(0.05) + EMSO(50)6.31.0Additive
A2780+ PTX(0.25)29.1  
A2780+ EMSO(100)9.2  
A2780+ PTX(0.25) + EMSO(100)38.31.0Additive
A2780+ PTX(1.25)72.3  
A2780+ EMSO(130)44.2  
A2780+ PTX(1.25) + EMSO(130)95.30.94Synergistic
A2780/T+ PTX(0.04)0.7  
A2780/T+ EMSO(50)1.2  
A2780/T+ PTX(0.04) + EMSO(50)2.01.0Additive
A2780/T + PTX(0.90)1.6  
A2780/T+ EMSO(100)2.7  
A2780/T + PTX(0.90) + EMSO(100)4.31.0Additive
A2780/T + PTX(5.0)24.3  
A2780/T+ EMSO(150)43.9  
A2780/T + PTX(5.0) + EMSO(150)85.40.91Synergistic
  1. CI < 1, synergistic; CI =1, additive; or antagonistic,CI > 1