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Fig. 4

From: Aurora A site specific TACC3 phosphorylation regulates astral microtubule assembly by stabilizing γ-tubulin ring complex

Fig. 4

Ser558 phospho-TACC3 interacts with γ-TuRC. a. Co-immunoprecipitation of TACC3, GCP3, GCP6 and b. γ-tubulin from the lysates of HeLa cells. The immunoblot was probed for the presence of Ser 558 phosphorylated-TACC3 along with other ring complex proteins including γ-tubulin. c. Co-immunoprecipitation of GFP-tagged TACC3 proteins using GFP antibody in the lysates of HeLa cells transfected with GFP-TACC3 (S558D)-TACC3 shRNA or GFP-TACC3 (S558A)-TACC3 shRNA. The immunoblots were probed for GFP-TACC3 S558D and GFP-TACC3 S558A form along with γ-tubulin, GCP4, GCP3, and GCP6 by using respective antibodies. d. Fold change of different γ-TuRC proteins from the GFP-TACC3 immunoprecipitates of TACC3 S558A vs. S558D expressed cells are plotted (based on three experiments in each). Data are mean +/− S. E. Statistical analysis values are shown

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