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Table 1 Effect of dADD1 overexpression in organism viability

From: Molecular effects of dADD1 misexpression in chromatin organization and transcription

GenotypeViability a (%)
+/+;Tub-GAL4/+352/372 (94)
+/ UAS-dADD1;+/+361/361 (100)
+/+; UAS-dADD1a/+558/558 (100)
+/+; UAS-dADD1b/+273/273(100)
+/UAS-dADD1;Tub-GAL4/+0/361 (0)
+/+;Tub-GAL4/UAS-dADD1a0/558 (0)
+/+;Tub-GAL4/UAS-dADD1b0/273 (0)
  1. aThe number of flies gotten over the number of adult flies expected to agree with the healthiest class in each cross