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Table 2 Mean 2-Cq, Standard Deviation (S.D) 2-Cq and CV% of the candidate reference genes

From: Selecting suitable reference genes for qPCR normalization: a comprehensive analysis in MCF-7 breast cancer cell line

Candidate Reference Gene MCF-7 Replicate Culture Mean 2-Cq S.D 2-Cq CV (S.D/Mean)
ACTB A1 1.6E-05 2.9E-06 18.81%
A2 1.4E-05 3.3E-06 22.98%
GAPDH A1 7.0E-06 8.7E-07 12.35%
A2 7.5E-06 2.0E-06 26.84%
RPL13A A1 4.7E-07 8.7E-08 18.39%
A2 5.9E-07 1.6E-07 26.71%
PGK1 A1 4.5E-07 6.7E-08 14.86%
A2 4.9E-07 2.0E-07 40.11%
HSPCB A1 7.4E-07 1.4E-07 19.34%
A2 7.5E-07 2.4E-07 31.31%
RNA28S A1 3.3E-03 5.8E-04 17.66%
A2 3.1E-03 7.7E-04 24.52%
RNA18S A1 4.2E-03 8.0E-04 19.17%
A2 3.4E-03 9.9E-04 28.97%
PUM1 A1 1.1E-07 1.7E-08 15.65%
A2 1.2E-07 2.9E-08 25.03%
CCSER2 A1 1.0E-08 1.6E-09 15.55%
A2 1.0E-08 2.7E-09 25.65%
HNRNPL A1 1.5E-07 3.5E-08 23.70%
A2 1.4E-07 5.2E-08 38.21%
PCBP1 A1 2.2E-07 3.3E-08 14.89%
A2 2.2E-07 5.5E-08 24.90%
SF3A1 A1 9.3E-08 2.0E-08 21.20%
A2 8.7E-08 2.4E-08 27.76%