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Fig. 2

From: Two paralogous znf143 genes in zebrafish encode transcriptional activator proteins with similar functions but expressed at different levels during early development

Fig. 2

ZNF143a and ZNF143b exhibit similar transcriptional activation potential. Zebrafish ZF4 cells were transfected with pGL3-SPH5 firefly luciferase reporter gene plasmid, plus pRL-SV40 renilla luciferase reporter plasmid, and as noted, pCI-myczznf143a or pCI-myczznf143b expression vector plasmid. Relative luciferase expression was determined by comparing the firefly/renilla luciferase ratio for each sample to that ratio for the sample with addition of expression vector plasmid containing no gene. Bar height shows the mean value from independently transfected wells, and error bars report the standard deviation from the mean. The single asterisk denotes a significant difference (p < 0.05). As noted in a previous publication [16], we were unable to detect expression of the myc-tagged ZNF143 in ZF4 cells. Expression of ZNF143b in human HEK293 cells was somewhat higher than ZNF143a, and if representative of relative synthesis in ZF4 cells, could explain the greater transcriptional activation by ZNF143b in transient transfection experiments

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