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Fig. 4

From: Two paralogous znf143 genes in zebrafish encode transcriptional activator proteins with similar functions but expressed at different levels during early development

Fig. 4

znf143 paralog genes are differentially expressed in early development in zebrafish. cDNA was obtained from total RNA isolated from zebrafish embryos at either the shield, bud, 17-somite, or 24hpf stages. qPCR was performed for both znf143a and znf143b. Numbers on the y-axis represent the mean values for relative expression of each gene after normalization to the geometric mean of two housekeeping gene controls (ef1α and rpl13α), and comparison to the lowest value (znf143a at 17-somite stage). Error bars represent standard deviation from the mean. Statistically significant differences in expression levels are signified by the inclusion of p-values< 0.05, determined by Student’s t test

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