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Fig. 5

From: Two paralogous znf143 genes in zebrafish encode transcriptional activator proteins with similar functions but expressed at different levels during early development

Fig. 5

CRISPRi knockdown of either znf143a or znf143b induce brain developmental defects. a. Diagram showing targets for sgRNAs. Numbered boxes indicate positions of exons. b. One-cell zebrafish embryos were injected with sgRNA/dCas9 protein complexes to knock down znf143a, znf143b, or in control experiments with dCas9 protein only (−sgRNA) and observed at 24hpf. Representative photographs of abnormal brain phenotypes are shown, with circled regions showing the areas of most interest. c. Consistent phenotypes are grouped into classes. Severe phenotypes lacked axial development. 159 embryos were counted for the control injections lacking any sgRNAs, 132 embryos were counted for the znf143a CRISPRi injections, and 136 embryos were counted for the znf143b CRISPRi injections

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