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Fig. 6

From: Two paralogous znf143 genes in zebrafish encode transcriptional activator proteins with similar functions but expressed at different levels during early development

Fig. 6

Analysis of specific gene knockdown in CRISPRi experiments. Quantitative RT-PCR was used to analyze relative levels of znf143a and znf143b transcripts. The amounts of each znf143 cDNA were determined relative to those in the dCas9 injection control after normalization to the geometric mean of the widely-expressed transcripts (ef1α and rpl13α). The height of each column represents the mean of 4 or 5 independent injection experiments, and error bars represent standard deviation from the mean. A single asterisk signifies a p-value < 0.05 relative to the control sample lacking any sgRNAs, while a double asterisk signifies a p-value < 0.01

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