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BMC Series Focus Issue

March: Senescence and Aging

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As a beginning to a series of Focus Issues highlighting content on the topic from various BMC Series Journals, we bring you the first on senescence and aging. 

Stochastic modeling of aging cells reveals how damage accumulation, repair, and cell-division asymmetry affect clonal senescence and population fitness
Song R and Acar M          
BMC Bioinformatics 20:391 (2019)

Donor age affects proteome composition of tenocyte-derived engineered tendon
Turlo AJ et al     
BMC Biotechnology 18:2 (2018)

TGF-β1 induces senescence of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells via increase of mitochondrial ROS production
Wu J et al           
BMC Developmental Biology 14:21 (2014)

Classifying development stages of primeval European beech forests: is clustering a useful tool?
Glatthorn J et al                               
BMC Ecology
18:47 (2018)

Sex-specific patterns of senescence in artificial insect populations varying in sex-ratio to manipulate reproductive effort
Jehan C et al                      
BMC Evolutionary Biology
20:18 (2020)

Genome-wide analysis indicates association between heterozygote advantage and healthy aging in humans
Xu K et al                            
BMC Genetics
20:52 (2019)

Ageing-associated changes in the human DNA methylome: genomic locations and effects on gene expression
Marttila S et al                  
BMC Genomics
16:179 (2015)

Age-dependent changes in the expression of regulatory cell surface ligands in activated human T-cells
Canaday DH et al             
BMC Immunology
14:45 (2013)

Aging progression of human gut microbiota
Xu C et al                            
BMC Microbiology 19:236 (2019)

Cited2 regulates proliferation and survival in young and old mouse cardiac stem cells
Wu Q et al                          
BMC Molecular and Cell Biology
20:25 (2019)

Proteomics profiling and pathway analysis of hippocampal aging in rhesus monkeys
Meng S et al                      
BMC Neuroscience
21:2 (2020)

The WRKY transcription factor GhWRKY27 coordinates the senescence regulatory pathway in upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) 
Gu L et al                            
BMC Plant Biology
19:116 (2019)

Age-based dynamic changes of phylogenetic composition and interaction networks of health pig gut microbiome feeding in a uniformed condition
Ke S et al                             
BMC Veterinary Research
15:172 (2019)

Immunosenescence in a captive semelparous marsupial, the red-tailed phascogale (Phascogale calura)
Letendre C et al                               
BMC Zoology
 3:10 (2018)

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