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Figure 3

From: A genetic screen for modifiers of Drosophila caspase Dcp-1 reveals caspase involvement in autophagy and novel caspase-related genes

Figure 3

Suppressors of the Dcp-1 GF eye phenotype. (A) Dcp-1 GF, The Dcp-1 eye phenotype of flies with a single copy of Dcp-1 GF was suppressed by: (B) Atg2EP(G 6691), (C) Atg6EP(G 6854), (D) Atg1EP(G 13748), (E) Aut1EP(G 3894), (F) UAS-dS6k, (G) Tork 17004, (H) SNF4AγEP(GX 6409), (I) Eip55EEP(G 13564), (J) brEP(G 10174), (K) Ubp64EEP(G 5032), and (L) Uba2EP(G 4384). Each panel shows the effects of each gene in the Dcp-1 GF background. GD- indicates DCP-1 expression with each transgenes by crossing with Dcp-1 GF. (M) Caspase activity was determined with lysate from heads of each virgin flies from w1118, GMR-GAL4;UAS-Dcp-1 and GMR-GAL4;UAS-Dcp-1 which were crossed with autophagy related lines. Samples that provided statistically significant reduced activity in at least three independent experiments are shown (*, P < 0.05; **, P < 0.1 t test). RLU, relative light unit. The error bars represent the standard deviation of amount of RLU (B, C, D and E).

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